Towards the social grid: an example of implementation

As I mentioned in the previous post, at Sense PlaNet, we enjoy sharing implementation design that can help wireless sensor technologies get more traction.

Furthermore, we advocate for leveraging social web to unleash the “Social Grid”. The concept is simple: make things, more specifically sensors, communicate with social networks.

For that purpose, a RESTFul service has been prototyped so as to convey sensor measurements to social networks. In the coming weeks, I will document the design, then the API. The code will be made available.
As of now, only status updates and messaging are supported for Facebook and Twitter but in the future, this service will be a platform for rich social applications.

Today, I’d like to unveil the back-end administration page ( in STRUTS..I know, it is old but heck, it works! ) which interfaces with the core web services ( Tomcat + MySQL ).

It is here: .
For info, “lokicool” is the first name given to this project.

Let me know what you guys think! ( Besides that this post lead image is lame! )

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